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Don't count your    many worries,
Better count your many blessings.

  Other countries like Laos , Vietnam, China, Nepal are much cheaper, but the money is also not so good. But when I go to this countries I feel not the precious ,that, if I don't make enough money, that I get in problems ,because the spending are very low. But if I will survive in Singapore I must perform for 6 days the week ,5 hours the day, also when it's raining, or the hays is to strong. And this is sometime quit hard.

  Last year, I bought  a computer ,so I can stay in contact with the people I love and respect, and I can be reachable for every one, so ,if anybody wish to book me ,only an e-mail, and you'll get an answer. It was a big investment for me , and I sometime pity ,the big money I've spend ,but I also made plenty new friends, and stay in contact with most of my old friends.
And since a few months I even think on an E-Shop, with products I saw in all my travelling around the globe. So look out for my new E-Shop.

  Since 2 years, I also involved with holistic, I worked on Reiki until the master/teacher level, and studied Sound Therapy, what is close to my work as a musician. This evolution came maybe through  the New Age spirit, especial in this time of the coming of the new millennium, but also through a better understanding of Buddhism, that helped me to develop much easier in this fields . So for example, through meditation (Ana Pana Sathi), and chanting mantras.

  The New Millennium was a close focus for me ,since I was a child, as I always calculated how old aim I in the year 2000, and since a few years , I realise that the 40th are a difficult time for every man .
But now I accept the coming of my 40th birthday , I lost all my worries for 2000. And I understand also ,that the year 2000, is a new year, just like every new year. And the New Millennium is only a good reason ,to work in this time ,a bit harder, to collect maybe some money, for the new era. But I don't expect much difference from all the time.

  Some people may have a good view , other maybe  a bad view , and many maybe no view on the new millennium, but for me I prefer to have a positive view with much love and peace as I understand that the things you wish on, come maybe through.

  For the near future ,I plan to make a CD, so that everybody who wish to have a memory of me, can have some one, and second , to help me to realise my future plans. This project is sponsored by some of my good Singaporean friends .The CD is already available since 23 December. So, if you wish to receive some of the very first copies, with my personal signature , can E.Mail me .For more details of the  CD, visit regular this pages.

  Some other plan is my E-Shop, with various products, used in holistic, from around the world. This contacts of sales people from many countries, I collect, the last couple of years , will help me to get most of the products you wish on.

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Eric with  Reiki Master/Teacher Laurence.