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Just for today,
Don't worry,
Don't anger,
Live your life honest,
Accept your many blessings,
Love and respect all life forms.

  This is a project in corporation with "Inner Infinity Metaphysic International Pte Ltd".
So ,for example, thankas, kathas, incense ,essential oils, pyramids, products for magick, magick swords,
Crystals, massage oils, hydrogen peroxide , Buddha stature , singing bowls, singing bells, didgirido, and many other instruments for sound healing. The list is much longer, so you have to come back to look regular for my E-Shop.

  Also ,I wish to work in Reiki and Sound Therapy. For this I rent some space from "Healthy Life Style 4 U", this is a centre for Thai Traditional Medical Massage in Uttaradit, Thailand , where I will Teach and practice Reiki and Sound Healing, for the time I'll be in Thailand.

  Most of this projects are ready in a advanced stadium, and will be in operating in the new millennium.
Beside all this work I'll work on ,with buskering, on a part time base, as I also aim for more podium work, and charity concerts .

  So ,you see, I'm not only a One-Man-Band in my music, but also in my life . And I really believe, that I'll able ,to do most of this plans.

  Some journalists ( or maybe all), ask me how much money I make, well let me tell this, "sometime not enough to live ,and to much to die",  and sometime I can make a living out of it, but without the help of sponsors (mostly good friends), I could not survive. But as long I can play and get some recognition for my work, I'm happy. And if everything goes bad, there are also my parents, and my two brothers, I never asked for help, I can depend on. But until than I'll go my own way.

  So ,you see there will be much to discover ,in the future ,here on my home page, so put this address to your favourites, and visit me regular. And don't forget to send me some comment, with the form in the back of this home page.

Eric the Busker. 

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