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   On March the 12, 1960 , I started my journey through my life, as a son of a Belgian soldier in Germany.
My coming was not a happy one as on my arrival , my parents were confronted with the fact that I was not like other children.

   But the decision ,to raise me just like an other child, was sure the ride one, as I develop very normal. The small problems I had to face, where not so different from the problems  of other babies .
So I grow up , went to a normal school, did all just like other children, even the bad things, and very soon even graduate from high school with very normal results . Until this moment , I had to thank my father for this results, as he had teach me all the time ,"To be good ,is not enough, you must be the best". With this in mind , I started on the University, and graduated 5 years later as a photographer.

  In this years on the Uni., I learned first in my life, I was different  and the people discriminated me because I looked a bit different , and I began to realise that even you are the best, it's not a reason for to be the best.

  When I went for a student job, I didn't get one, so I had to do anything ells. As I grow up with music, and in Europe, buskers are on every corner of the street ,I knew what I had to do. It took me some time before I was ready. My parole was, Looking happy, well dressed, and a good and special performance. The results were from the first time quit good.

  After I graduated and didn't get a job, I was not disappointed, and I did on with what I already did for the last 4 years. But performing all the time in the same city was nothing for me. I began to travel, first only Europe until I knew the most big cities from Europe. After Canada, USA, Central America, South America.
  Than I went back to Europe ,because after 6 year on the road ,I was tiered and I needed a break. But after 3 weeks back home, I began to be nervous and my mother mend, it's again time for me. So I decided to move to the East. Israel, Saudi, Egypt, India ,Sri Lanka, Thailand.

  In Thailand , first in my life I felt not anymore disable, because the people accepted me for what I did, and not for what I look. So for the last 8 years ,I made Thailand my home base, to travel from there to the rest of Asia .
First Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia. For Singapore I was a bit worry, as all the buskers, I met ,told me about the hard times in Singapore. But when I first performed in Singapore, I knew, this is what I loved. People who shows you ,that they like what you do, and respect you , and they showed  appreciation with them donations. And in the 4 years I regular come to Singapore, I never experienced any problems, as I also knew how to avoid problems. In one year I come about 3 or 4 times to Singapore for about 2 or 3 weeks and I perform every day on an other place. And I wish I could stay longer , but Singapore is to expensive for me, to stay longer.
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