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   Welcome here on my home page.
I'm Eric Van Wanseele, also called Eric the Busker.

   Who I'm, what I'm ,what I do for my living, what are my hobbies , what I think of my past, what I'm thinking for the future, and why I'm happy you came here on this page. All this questions I'll try to answer here, because many people asked me all the time the same questions about me and my life , that I thought it is better to put it in a home page ,so, who want can read all about me here.

   Also here you'll get more to know about some other business, I'm involved with ,whose are close related to my hobbies and my interests.

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   And also thank you in advance to visit my page and please put this address to your favourites so you can find me easy back.

   Please visit this page regular as I try to update many times.

Eric the Busker.

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