Eric the Busker
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Eric the Busker
Nice to have you here:

Hello,welcome here on my homepage.
My name is Eric and I'm from Belgium.I'm since 1978 a Busker, or a streetmusician, and travel around the globe, to find nice places, nice people, and try to make my living ,on this search.
But what I do more than only playing music, you will get to know here.

About myself

12 March 1960, ups there I was, the son of a Belgian soldier in Germany, and a German housewife.But my coming ,was not a so happy one ,as I looked a bit diferent from other children. But this didn't change the way of thinking of my parents, to raise me just like a normal child.
I grow up just like the other children, and I had not much more problems as other children also have.I went to kindergarten, primery school, and after high school.My disision to go to University was a bit dificult,for my parents as it cost a lot of money, and I have also two other brothers ,they also want to study.But I got my chance.In 1984, I graduate as a photographer, and than never got a job.In my student time I learned to make some money as a streetmusician, and this I also did after my disapointment. Soon I had to move more around to get my money together. And after some time I was fultime on the road.Now ,after more than 20 years of Buskering,I'm very glad I didn't got a job, as I saw a big part of the world, and maid plenty of good friend over whole the world.

I love the nature
To go around in my favorite sides: